Andy Santanello, Psy.D.

Welcome! I am Dr. Andy Santanello, a psychologist who provides cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) online. Online CBT is an effective and convenient form of therapy. Most of my clients call me “Dr.Andy” because my last name is kind of a mouthful. It’s nice to meet you!



Training and Experience

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from La Salle University in 2006. After completing graduate school, I received years of intensive training and supervision in many forms of CBT for a variety of different conditions. Specifically, I’ve had very good results providing CBT to clients experiencing panic attacks, excessive worry, social anxiety, different types of fears/phobias, PTSD, depression, insomnia, and difficult life transitions. In addition to providing online therapy, I work as a therapist at CBT of Baltimore, a full-time Military Behavioral Health Psychologist, and a National Trainer in Cognitive Processing Therapy.


What’s it like to do therapy with me?

My approach to therapy is straightforward. First, I help my clients figure out the specific things that they want to achieve in therapy. Second, we work together to discover the thoughts, emotions, and habits that are making it hard to achieve those goals. Third, I help my clients to learn new skills to manage their thoughts and feelings and develop more effective strategies for managing their lives.
Each person is unique, so the specific treatment plan for every one of my clients is also unique. Ideally, I’d like each of my clients to experience therapy as an empowering experience.


What type of therapy clients work best with me?

Online CBT is best for clients who are motivated to actively work on solving their problems and who are comfortable using secure video chat. I find that the clients who do best in therapy tend:

  1. Come to sessions prepared with the things they want to discuss,
  2. Practice CBT skills in between sessions, and
  3. Try new things before deciding if they are useful or not.

(Note: if you don’t like corny jokes and puns, then I might not be the right therapist for you)