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How Much Does it Cost?

Your first consultation with me is 100% free. We will set up a time to talk about your concerns and then make a decision about next steps.

If we decide to work together, you and I will schedule an initial evaluation (diagnostic evaluation) that lasts about 90-minutes so I have enough time to gather the information I need to understand your concerns and unique goals.  Based on the information we discuss during your evaluation, we will figure out how often we will schedule appointments. Most of my clients choose to schedule one, 45/60 minute sessions per week, although some sessions may be longer or more or less frequent depending on the situation.


Therapy can be expensive. Most skilled CBT therapists charge $150+ per hour of therapy. Because I offer all of my services online (and don’t have the overhead expenses of a traditional practice), I am able to offer high-quality, evidence-based CBT services for a much lower cost per session. Here is a list of my standard fees:


Service CPT Code Fee
Diagnostic Evaluation via interactive video teleconference 90791 $150
60-Minute Psychotherapy via interactive video teleconference 90837 $100
Cancelled appointment less than 24-hours N/A $50


Do you accept insurance?

I am not part of any insurance network and am considered an “out-of-network” provider. If your insurance plan allows you to see out of network providers for telehealth services, you may be able to submit receipts from our sessions for reimbursement. It’s important to check with your insurance provider about what services are eligible for reimbursement and what documentation needs to be submitted in order to request reimbursement. I may be able to provide the information required by your insurance company.  However, you (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of my fees.

I have an Health Savings Account (HSA). Can I use that to pay your fees?

Yes! IRS Publication 502 states, “You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay to a psychologist for medical care.”